Yoga Ed. Professional Institute 1 – Kids Yoga Instructor Training – at Graham’s House

I think all five of us (Kids Yoga Instructor Training Course Participants – who travelled from near and far, as far as Tochigi and Toyama Prefectures!) registered for the Professional Institute 1 not really knowing much about Yoga Ed. or what Kids Yoga really actually was, but we had all experienced the positive benefits of yoga in some way and knew that somehow yoga could be of benefit for children too.



It wasn’t long into Day 1 when our eyes, minds and hearts were opened and at the end of a long nine hours in the muggy Summer heat we were left salivating for more answers, knowledge and experience, but we would have to wait another week! This was because the thirty two hour course was held every Sunday in August from 09:00 to 18:00 at Graham’s House in Yokohama, Japan.

1日目が始まってすぐ私たちの目、気持ちと心は、ヨガエドとは何かお互いにすぐ感じ取ることができた。横浜にあるGraham’s Houseで8月の毎週日曜日、朝9時から夕方18時までという限られた時間とても暑い猛暑のなか長い9時間を終え、私たちの心はもっと知識がほしい、もっと聞きたい、もっと経験がほしい、色んな感情を得た。翌週まで待ちきれない思いでいっぱいになった。



After one month of intensive study covering kids yoga theory, scientific research, child development – including anatomy and physiology, development of the brain and child behaviour – lesson planning, and yoga philosophy, not to mention stimulating lunchtime conversations and a whole lot of fun, we were ready to practice teach. Thanks to our amazing trainer, Geneva Hargreaves, and guidance from our translator, Akiko McLeod, everyone performed like stars, bringing their own natural touch to their lessons. The hardest part was shortening the classes to fit into the limited time available! Constructive feedback and support from Geneva, and each other, will help us to continually develop and refine our skills as Kids Yoga instructors hereon.




Also, on the final day we were surprised yet again when we were treated to lunch by Geneva at Kin Iro No Gogo, an Italian restaurant in Tsurumi. On the way there and on the way back, we passed through Tsurumi Jinja, the oldest Shinto Shrine in Yokohama, enshrining a Guardian Deity of Children (which we discovered for the first time, making the experience all the more auspicious!), where we stopped for photos, to buy souvenirs and to pray, in my case, for the success of each of us as Kids Yoga instructors, for the development of Kids Yoga in general, and for a world full of happy, healthy children!







Our emotions were stirred in the final session of Day 4, the last session of the course, when, just as in Kids Yoga classes, we expressed ourselves with words and through art and craft after deep relaxation, and also set goals for our future as Kids Yoga teachers.




Finally we were presented with certificates of completion of the Professional Institute 1 from Yoga Ed. Our training and development will never end but we all feel that we are ready to start to “EMPOWER CHILDREN WITH YOGA SKILLS BUILDING A FOUNDATION FOR LIFELONG HEALTH AND WELLNESS.”




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