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Last Sunday the 15th of May saw our first English Kids Yoga class held at Graham’s House. We had a great turnout and I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a fantastic time! Thank you so much to all the boys and girls who came along and to the mothers who joined in too! Thank you too to all the parents who took the plunge and registered their children for this event. Last, but not least, thank you very much to Geneva Sensei who introduced Kids Yoga to us in a fun, firm and fabulous way!

先週日曜日5月15日にGraham’s Houseで初めてのEnglish Kids Yogaを行いました。たくさんの方が集まって下さり皆様楽しく過ごしていただけました。参加して下さった子供達やお母様方に感謝します。初めての体験に勇気をもって登録して下さってありがとうございました。楽しくて、優しさの中に厳しさもある素晴らしい指導をして下さったGeneva先生も本当にありがとうございました!



As yoga was new to everyone who participated, the theme of Geneva Sensei’s first workshop was “What is Yoga?”. We learnt that Kids Yoga is Philosophy, Games, Breath, Asana (Pose/Posture), Teamwork and Expression. We played lots of games, we felt our breath and we listened to our breath, we went on an adventure and discovered that asana come from nature, we grew a beautiful forest together, we learnt how to calm down and relax, and finally we expressed ourselves through art and craft.




Thank you very much again to everyone who came and participated. Geneva Sensei and I hope to see you, and also meet lots of new people, next month under the Umbrella of Respect at our second English Kids Yoga workshop on Sunday the 12th of June at Graham’s House!



For more information about English Kids Yoga at Graham’s House please visit:  http://grahams-house.com/english-kids-yoga/

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